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[LQ] 141021 ‘Red Carpet’ Stage Greeting

  Anonymous said:
[Real 2PM] A Great Day with HOTTEST... are they already have sub title

Nope, subs will be out when it’s uploaded on JYP Entertainment’s Youtube :) 

[VIDEO] 141020 KBS News - 2PM Interview

[Real 2PM] A Great Day with HOTTEST

Watch here.

[STARCAST-Real 2PM] The 9th episode, What happened at the meeting scene with 2PM fans?

This time has come back in about a month! Your day’s energy! This is Real 2PM! We have mainly covered the time which 2PM and HOTTEST met. Due to fans, 2PM kept on smiling this day~! Shall we go and see that meeting scene?
GO CRAZY? VS I’m Your Man
This is Wooyoung~! Is he the same one at the same place? Wooyoung who absorbs every style like a sponge! He’s really handsome!!!

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RT @2PMagreement211: The rain came and autumn fell…

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