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RT @2PMagreement211: Accidents happen. However, the way we handle them displays our society. While we can grasp the kind of environment we’re in due to one accident, it is also not another’s affair but something that can happen to us as well. I just think that society has fallen ill now.

RT @2PMagreement211: It’s very sad and disheartening… I feel really bad ever since the accident. The accident alone is already enough, but the vicious actions and piercing the hearts of the people in pain by spreading unconfirmed rumours after the accident actually made me feel even worse. Those kinds of people… I hope they feel the pain their actions caused…

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[ENGSUBS] “If You Love” Preview

Cast Introduction -

cr: KhunnieBucks

[INFO] “If You Love” premieres on May 25 at 7:38 PM CST on Hubei TV (China)


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[ENGSUBS] 140418 Cool Kiz on the Block - Episode 50

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